EarlyBird Morning Cocktail Review

Coffee is the best drink for early mornings, and for a pick me up later in the day. However, many people don’t like coffee, or the side effect of coffee such as jitters, or the crash after the caffeine wears off. It would only make sense to try for you a coffee alternative that gives you energy. Today we are reviewing the EarlyBird Morning Cocktail from Club EarlyBird.

Anyone will tell you that successful people wake up early. However, sometimes this is easier said than done. It is much harder for some people to get up early than others. Some say that we just need to accept this fact as part of our genetics. But maybe there is a solution. There are also some advantages of using this nootropic coffee, and we’ll reveal those in a moment. There is also one disadvantage when using Early Bird, but if you are looking for day long productivity and sharpness, you’ll get over that.

An Overview of the Morning Cocktail from Club EarlyBird

EarlyBird Morning Cocktail is a great coffee replacement. It removes brain fog in the mornings, it gives you more energy through the day, and increases your mental performance. I’ll show you in a bit how its formula achieves that.

The EarlyBird Morning Cocktail is said to be able to turn you into a morning person, making it perfect for the night owl who struggles to wake up early.

Using amino acids, a blend of nootropics, and natural caffeine from green tea extract, the Early Bird Morning Cocktail works as a better replacement for a cup of coffee.

Early Bird allows you to start your morning with energy and gets you productive and focused. So let’s dig into this exciting product and see what it can really do!

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Early Bird Cocktail – Video Review

An Early Bird Club customer tried the cocktail and did a video review.


You’re probably asking yourself what ingredients it contains in order to achieve everything it claims, and are they safe? 

The claims are bold and I was certainly suspicious, and to be honest, I am a partial to coffee. So, naturally, I am reluctant to try coffee alternatives, but this particular product stirred my interest. So looking at the list of ingredients, you can see why so many people turn to EarlyBird for their caffeinated needs. Let’s dig in the list of ingredients and see what make this nootropic stack different.

Natural Caffeine

Firstly, you need to know that the morning cocktail contains caffeine. So this is not an alternative for those avoiding caffeine. However, they are natural sources of caffeine from green coffee bean extract called PurCaf, and green tea extract. PurCaf is caffeine extracted from organic coffee beans, and due to the extraction process, the taste is more neutral than other brands. This will affect how you final beverage taste, and Early Bird cocktail does taste good.

Electrolytes and Minerals

The EarlyBird concoction contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium: these are essential minerals for rehydrating. Why do we care about it? Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, but it dehydrates seriously. If you don’t drink enough water, and not getting enough trace minerals in you diet, you could do some damages without even realizing.

Nootropics and Adaptogens

Ashwaganda is a well known adaptogen that helps you deal better with stress. It is balancing caffeine, if you want, and it’s a great addition to the cocktail.

L-Theanine, and L-Tyrosine are nootropics that give us balanced energy and focus. We explain better in our article about nootropic coffee stacks why combining nootropics and caffeine work so great. Here is a short version. Caffeine and nootropics work in different ways to make you more productive, and give you a better version of yourself. They enhance different cognitive aspects, hence they complement each other. Now the interesting part is that taken separately they give you a boost, but when you combine them, you get a synergistic effect that can help you get stuff done even more efficiently.


The EarlyBird Morning Cocktail also contains turmeric, blueberry powder, broccoli extract, theobromine, and tart cherry extract. These together, are a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory blend, and they help your body and mind function at 100%. Coffee is one of the most important sources of antioxidants in the North American diet. It’s pretty amazing that the blend creators thought about compensating for that loss. 

Black Pepper (Piperine)

Piperine helps every ingredient to be more bioavailable, meaning that everything is more effective. Piperine is the compound that helps your body absorb better all of the ingredients in the blend.

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Other Ingredients

The cocktail also contains citric acid, natural flavorings, and sucralose. I personally am not too fond of sucralose. I think that using a healthier sweetener would be the best option, especially that people need this on a daily basis, but if enough people complain about it, the owner might change that.

How to Use the Cocktail

The EarlyBird Morning Cocktail is simple to use. You simply mix a scoop of powder in the complimentary cocktail shaker then leave it on your nightstand to drink first thing in the morning. It needs to be consumed this way for two reasons:

  1. The shake contains caffeine. We shouldn’t consume caffeine too late in the day, otherwise we can’t sleep at night.
  2. We use it to help us wake up. The main premise of the cocktail is that it helps a night owl to become a morning person. For this to happen, it needs to be consumed as we wake up, to help us be fully awake and start our morning routine faster.

As an aside here: the main reason for pre-mixing the cocktail and putting it by our bedside is to have direct access to it as soon as we wake up. There is no chemical reason for the cocktail needing to sit overnight. In fact, pre-mixing the night before leads to there being some sediment in the cup the next morning. For this reason, an extra shake up in the morning is advisable.

EarlyBird Energy Drink as an Alternative to Coffee for Energy

Another quality of the morning beverage is that it functions as an alternative to coffee. People might want to avoid coffee if:

  • They have a caffeine sensitivity.
  • They don’t like the taste of coffee
  • They want to avoid the crash from coffee
  • They are searching for a more gradual and balanced source of energy.

The natural form of caffeine in this shake, combined with compounds such as L-Theanine and Ashwaganda, mean that the energy we get when we drink it is steady and gradual, and the EarlyBird Morning Coffee side effects are minimal. There is also a lower caffeine content compared some coffees, with 150 mg per serving. This is very advantageous for people with a caffeine sensitivity, who experience jitters and a caffeine crash after drinking coffee or energy drinks.

While not technically a coffee, the EarlyBird supplement is certainly a contender for best nootropic coffee!

Does the EarlyBird Morning Cocktail Work?

Overall, I am extremely excited about this invention from Club EarlyBird, and I’ll share next my perspective on it.

Good Ingredients List

I think that a lot of research went into the ingredients list. I am a big fan of the Adaptogens used, such as Ashwaganda and L-Theanine. The benefits of these substances have been much more scientifically researched and proven compared to other nootropics such as lion’s mane mushroom, or maka powder.

I feel that compounds used in this shake balance well together for optimum effects. The EarlyBird Morning Cocktail supplement reviews demonstrate that only the most superior ingredients are used in this morning shake.

Great for Late Risers

The EarlyBird supplement is especially useful for people who really struggle to get out of bed in the morning. As a natural morning person myself, I have no problem getting out of bed in the morning. This means I don’t feel the need to have a morning cocktail, but I highly recommend it if you are a night owl.

Great Taste – Not Quite Coffee – But Still Great

Another great advantage of this morning energy solution from Club EarlyBird is the taste. I would describe it as a refreshing, citrus type drink. The taste itself is enough to help us wake up in the mornings!

I said in the beginning that there is one aspect that will feel like a let down. If you like coffee and associate the morning freshly brewed coffee aroma with a smooth transition into the day, Club Early Bird will not give you that. However, many will gladly give up the morning coffee aroma, for the long lasting energy without the crash and the jitters. 

Long Lasting Energy

The last advantage I want to speak about is the long lasting energy you get from this drink. While other caffeinated beverages only seem to last an hour or two, the energy boost that you get from the EarlyBird Morning Cocktail lasts throughout the day.

Along with this, the effects from the shake don’t seem to diminish after time. With other nootropics, such as maca powder, I have found that the effects start to disappear after a couple of days, when the body gets used to the new substance. However, this doesn’t happen with the EarlyBird cocktail. Countless EarlyBird Morning Cocktail reviews attest that it provides sustained energy every time it is used.

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If you want to try an effective coffee alternative that gives you energy, This blend of nootropic ingredients, electrolytes, and antioxidants is a great choice.

It’s a great way to avoid the productivity wall that hits in the afternoon, and be productive for the whole day without altering your sleep pattern.

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