L-Theanine and Coffee – The Magic Duo to Increase Your Productivity

I believe that we can all be in agreement the fact that caffeine is an drink that was given to us from the Gods. The advantages of caffeine are numerous including its delicious taste and it helps us get up, and it can have positive impacts on health and cognition performance as well. It’s unfortunate about the negative consequences, however.

The majority of coffee drinkers have experienced the sensation that we experience after having a cup of coffee to many. In high doses, caffeine is a risk for humans. Increased heart rate and anxiety, blood pressure and jitters are some of the consequences of excessive consumption. We used to think that this was part of the coffee culture and we simply needed to deal with the potential problems.

We do are aware of an amino acid in nature that we can consume that will reduce the negative effects of caffeine while improving the beneficial effects of caffeine, including an increase in reaction time, enhanced efficiency in mental tasks and a boost in energy (without anxiety). It sounds too promising to be true however it’s not. The non-protein amino acid that I’m talking about is known as L-Theanine.

L-Theanine and coffee

The mixture of the caffeine from coffee along with the nootropic, L-Theanine is proven to have positive cognitive benefits like enhanced mental performance and lower anxiety.

More Information About L-Theanine

  • L-Theanine is one ingredients in tea and provides a numerous health and mental advantages. The presence of theanine is the reason we experience the benefits of caffeine in tea and not the jitters that be associated with coffee. This is regardless of whether the concentrations of caffeine in both a coffee and tea servings are equal.
  • L Theanine can also be found in various species of mushrooms. In addition to those two options, Theanine is mainly consumed as a supplement.
  • L-Theanine is also known for its nootropic properties. Nootropics are generally defined as a neuro-enhancer which has no adverse effects.

Is Coffee a Nootropic?

Caffeine isn’t widely considered to be a nootropic however, many people still believe it as one. The reason is that nootropics are believed to not have any known adverse negative effects. Regardless of the effects on cognitive performance of caffeine, excessive cups of coffee are harmful to us. In reality it is essential to drink an enormous amount of coffee every day to allow the levels of toxicity even to be evident. It’s almost impossible to get overdosed on coffee. It is extremely easy to drink too much caffeine, especially when it is consumed in pills.

Nootropic Coffees

Coffee on its own might not technically be considered an nootropic, however many bio-hackers mix powerful Nootropics with coffee to make a variety of nootropic coffees. The combination of coffee and Theanine is among the most well-known of these.

What is the reason Caffeine together with L-Theanine Performs so Well?

L-Theanine and stress

The basic idea is that L-Theanine acts as an effective stress reliever. It is beneficial for mental performance. Corticosterone and stress have been found in clinical trials to reduce mental performance..

However caffeine can cause adrenaline levels within our bodies to increase. While moderate consumption of coffee has positive effects on cognitive function, excessive consumption of caffeine can trigger the levels of adrenaline to become excessively high, leading to stress and ultimately hinders memory and performance. The bottom line is that L-Theanine when combined with caffeine can improve our mental performancethat is not impeded by stress or anxiety.

Gaba as well as Adenosine Receptors

One of the most well-known effects associated with caffeine is the fact that it’s an Adenosine blocker. Adenosine is the reason for making us feel tired. Caffeine replaces Adenosine in our brains and stops the feeling of being tired.

However L Theanine produces another neurotransmitter called GABA. GABA helps to reduce stimulants like caffeine and helps you feel more at ease. Personally, I’ve experienced the benefits of using L Theanine prior to bed and have found that it significantly helped me get better sleep.

L Theanine and Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that Theanine is also effective in decreasing blood pressure. This is another reason why it works so well with caffeine, which is believed to raise blood pressure.

Although more research is needed it is an exciting aspect of Theanine which could mean patients who suffer from high blood pressure won’t require relying so heavily on blood pressure medicines.

These elements suggest that a combination of caffeine and L Theanine provide more benefits to the brain than caffeine taken in isolation.

It’s no surprisethen it is no surprise that L Theanine is being marketed as a supplement that can be used in conjunction with coffee. The combination of coffee and theanine is especially beneficial for those that are sensitive the effects of caffeine.

Dosage of coffee and Theanine Dosage

To get maximum benefits of these two substances, the recommended coffee to Theanine proportion is 1:1. This is equivalent to 200 mg Theanine or L Theanine to 100 mg caffeine, which is what you can anticipate to get with your daily cup of coffee.

Be aware that the amounts of caffeine can vary greatly from caffeinated beverage to beverage. For example, a cup of coffee can contain between 50-100 mg of caffeine. In contrast, the majority of energy drinks contain more than 200mg of caffeine in a serving.

L Theanine Products

L Theanine and coffee drink

The most popular method for Theanine consumption is to drink it as powder added to morning coffee. From personal experiences, I can assure that L Theanine is completely flavorless and is not noticeable in coffee. This is fantastic, because I am not a fan of adding ingredients to my joes that alter its flavor. L Theanine allows coffee lovers to enjoy their coffee with all its original flavor and splendor.

coffee and Theanine Pills

Coffee with L Theanine in capsules isn’t a real thing however, a caffeine and Theanine supplement is popular and easily purchased through Amazon. This is logical, since pills are consumed whole, and they don’t taste as consumers. Therefore, there is no point in creating the coffee or Theanine pills.

Dosing L-Theanine and Caffeine

If you purchase your coffee and then add L theanine You must ensure that you have the right ratio of caffeine and anine.

A cup of coffee and Theanine to treat ADHD

“>This study consumption of the mix of caffeine and L Theanine proved to be beneficial to children suffering from Attention Deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Results of the study demonstrated an increased response to stimuli, and improvements in the ability to focus and other cognitive tasks. The brain region that is associated with mind wandering was more quiet than usual when examined through an MRI of the brain. This suggests that L Theanine might be extremely effective as an aid to those suffering from ADHD.

Tips and Tricks to Mix Theanine and Coffee

  • Don’t overdo it!
  • If you take excessive amounts of l-theanine, you’ll end feeling tired, sluggish and feeling unmotivated. It’s the same with excessive amounts of caffeine. A high dose can make you nervous, jittery, and unfocused. Like everything else the balance is essential.
  • Mixing various types of powders with nootropic properties is not recommended unless you know the right thing to do. It’s recommended to take L Theanine by itself, without other nootropics. This is crucial as you’re just beginning and getting comfortable with it.
  • Test taking Theanine at various times of the day. When you wake up, Theanine may help your mood, focus, and performance. When you go to bed, it can aid in relaxing and sleep better. Try it out and find out what you like best!

Possible side effects when combining Caffeine, L Theanine or Caffeine

Theanine may cause adverse reactions. Theanine

  • In some cases, L theanine causes dizziness. This isn’t supported by scientific research however, a few individuals have reported dizziness drinking large amounts in L theanine.
  • Possible side effects from L Theanine could include low blood pressure. While this is usually a good for those already suffering from having low blood pressure must be cautious while taking L Theanine which has been proven to lower blood pressure..
  • Due to the fact that there has been little research conducted on the long-term and subtle effects of supplements with L Theanine pregnant women should stay away on taking the L-Theanine supplement until further research is conducted.
  • The frequent person who takes L Theanine talks about the possibility of drowsiness due to an excessive consumption of L Theanine. We must be mindful of this in danger for example, driving heavy machinery or operating heavy equipment.
  • While Theanine has been proven to aid in sleep in studies conducted in the lab, there are some reports from those who have found Theanine ineffective, or even hindering sleep. It could be because of the greater focus that results when you consume Theanine. The human body is a highly individual. What works for one person might not be a good fit for your particular body. You should stop using Theanine in the event that adverse consequences due to Theanine.

Caffeine Side Effects Caffeine

We are more aware of the adverse consequences of coffee. If consumed in excess, caffeine may cause:

  • anxiety
  • sweating
  • jitters
  • irritability

This combination of caffeine as well as Theanine is particularly exciting this is why it is a great choice for those who enjoy caffeine, but are more sensitive to its negative effects.


L Theanine and Coffee are an ideal match. If you’ve not tried the product yet, then we strongly suggest you try it. Your experience drinking coffee will never be the same again!